NEWS & Upcoming EVENTS

MIA InnerLight Spiritist Society

Starting in January 2023, MIA's activities will be amplified and diversified. Our meetings will be every TUESDAY (Two different locations). The fun study groups will continue, but we there will be also healing passes, lectures, and much more. 

Join us online or in person. 

Volunteers of Love

Join us in our monthly volunteering opportunities. We will be bringing our love to many in need of a smile. There are many loving project to anyone that want to give their love and energy.

Charity is love in action. Join us in person. 

Grand Opening - Jan. 31st, 7pm

We celebrated the opening of our new home on 2103 Coral Way, #202 - Miami, FL. Come to visit us every Tuesday at 6:45pm, there we have fun group meetings, then once a month a lecture on interesting subjects. 

See you soon.

We are open EVERY TUESDAY, 6:45pm

Loving TEEN Bags_Packing Day

Loving TEEN Bags_Delivery Day


August 7, 2022 - SUN, 10-4pm @Coconut Grove

Please arrive at 9:45am. This is a spiritist healing therapy, similar to Reiki, but always offered for FREE at Spiritist Centers. All members are invited to participate. There will be three modules of learning with power point presentations & discussions - Lunch break - Practical demonstrations, and the final module with questions & answers.

This class will teach you a lot about the energy healing therapy. The "active" members will be allowed to become our future pass givers. Even if you don’t want or can’t become a pass giver now, it will be benefitial for you to understand its mechanisms. You will acquire great knowledge about the centers of energy in our body, including how the water can be positively improved.

'Loving TEEN Bags' for the Foster Kids

COMPLETED - God bless all the good souls that donate money or items for this project. We could not have done it without your generous donations.

We successfully collected 13 items that will be placed in 120 beautiful duffle bags, then donated to 72 boys & 48 gilrs at "His House Children's Home" in Miami. These children will be very happy to start the school year with a wonderful surprise. We are hoping for a group picture of them using it. Let's see if it will be authorized. 

***The packing day will be decided soon, so the kids can get the bags in August. 


July 24, 2022 - SUN, 10-2pm @the Peacock Park, Coconut Grove, Miami.

This event happend consecutively in six states (Trumbull-CT, Washington-DC, Miami-FL, Dallas-TX, Austin-TX and San Diego-CT) in the USA. "MIA InnerLight Spiritist Society" was the host, but the objective is to have all the centers joining forces to make it a big event. No division, but addition.

The event was about "Jesus' miracles", so our group had many fun dynamics to understand how difficult it is to be physically challenged. They were blindfolded & had their hands tied while completing different tasks. Their guides changed places, then the whole group experienced how to guide or being guided. Adults and kids shared their experiences, and undestandings.

We all had a delicious picnic at a gorgeous park and under an amazing breeze. It was a blessed breeze day. See you soon. MIA