Loving Delivery

Loving Delivery for the Visually Impaired

This volunteer work was a partnership with the nonprofit organization "See the World Education", where we lived an incredible experience to help their Visually Impaired members.

During Covid-19 the Visually Impaired were even more affected than any other seeing groups. As they have to touch things in order to visualize (see) what they are getting from the supermarket shelves. Their exposure to the virus was much greater than a normal seeing person that would grab only what they needed.

So the group "See the World Education" decided to step in and help them gathering supplies and they received a lot of donations.

And that is where Volunteers of Love came in to the rescue, they did not have the volunteer force to deliver all this free cleaning supplies, food and other items on a weekly basis to each member's home.

Our volunteers would come out to the warehouse and pick up the supply list for 2 to 5 registered receivers anywhere from Homestead to Hollywood and jump in their cars to go and deliver them.

Via fundraising they were able to raise enough money to extend this program for another 6 months, and it just ended in January 2022.