Loving Mail

Loving Mail to the Elderly

Due to Covid19, we created a partnership with "Villa Maria Nursing Center" in order to help the lonely elderly to exchange letters with our group of 75 volunteers. It started in 2020 lasting until beginning of 2022, when the visitations were allowed to happen again.

Due to Covid19 all the nursing homes are closed for visitation; the elderly are missing their visitors. They will be our PENPALS, because we can’t visit them now.

  • We will send them POSTCARDS, letters, pictures, etc.;

  • We will talk about ourselves & about their interests too;

  • The post cards will be sent in English & Spanish;

  • Let kids contribute with a drawing or short letter;

  • Include a self-addressed, stamped envelope with your letter to make it easier for your pen pal to respond.

We Initially had 42 elderly wishing to receive our correspondence.

If you would like to volunteer to this virtual charity, please let me know I can connect you with one or more elderly. I have two FB pages, but the coordination is done via a WHATSAPP group.

Let’s spread the love!!!