Loving Teens Bags

'Loving TEEN Bags' for the Foster Kids

2022 program! We started a partnership with the nonprofit "HIS House Children's Home" in Miami. There were 120 teenagers living there. All victims of violence, abandonment or other trauma. We filled up duffle bags with 13 items, and then gifted them. It was a nice surprise to start well the school year.

Packing Day

Delivery Day

His House Children's Home

The Covid19 Pandemic, increased the violence against children & youth.

"Volunteers of Love"

need your help to give them a GIFT.

Help us to create duffle bags with many items in it, by the beginning of the school year. They will receive these new gifts to start a new year and a new life.

WATCH the video to understand their struggles.

Loving TEEN Bags

WAYS TO HELP. Please forward to your friends:

DONATE any amount of CASH.

We will collect the money, and then purchase the expensive items.

PURCHASE any item using the amazon.com link below:

Select a charitable organization to support with AmazonSmile: On your first visit to smile.amazon.com you will be prompted to select a charitable organization MIA InnerLight to receive donations (0.5%) from your future eligible AmazonSmile purchases.

Below are the LIST OF ITEMS NEEDED for this project:

13 items in total

Needed Items for the TEENS Bags

13 ITEMS for the bags:

  • Items for Boys Bags (72)

    1. Duffle Bags (Blue) Done

    2. Boxers Done

    3. Caps Done

  • Items for Girls Bags (48)

    1. Duffle Bags (Grey) Done

    2. Panties Done

    3. Nail Polish (2 colors) Done

    4. Feminine Pads Done

  • Items on order 1802 Items.

  • Bulk items bring the price down and the need for less money. Please donate an amount to help us to raise these funds.

  • Gender Neutral Use

    1. Towel Done

    2. T-Shirt Done

    3. Socks Done

    4. Brush Done

    5. Deodorant Done

    6. Toothbrush Done

    7. Toothpaste Done


Funds Needed = $ 3,159.19

Average / Bag = $ 26.33

Donate any $ amount

via PayPal

Financial Transparency

This is our general ledge financial report for this Loving Project.

All the cash/paypal donations received were used to purchase some of the bulk pending items in our list. We purchased more items than we had the money for, so we ended up a little in the red (Negative $). Please help us to to keep our projects sustainable, donating any amount in order to assist us to pay for it. Thank you for your support.

Shipping Address:

All items should be sent to this address: Loving Teens Bags/Angela Stewart

3133 Jackson Ave, Miami, FL 33133

TAX DEDUCTION RECEIPT - Please send us a copy of your receipt with your name, address, phone and email to info@miainnerlight.com. By Jan 31st, 2023, you will receive a receipt of all your donations. Thank you.


for the boys


Color: Assorted

Rcvd: 4-10pk



Color: Assorted

Rcvd: 1-72pk


Hair Brush

Rcvd: 3-50k


Duffle Bags

Color: Grey

Rcvd: 3-24pk



Rcvd: 3-36pk



for the Girls


Rcvd: 4-12pk


Feminine Products

Rcvd: 4-10pk


Duffle Bags

Color: Blue

Rcvd: 2-24pks


Nail Polish

Color: Assorted

Rcvd: 2-24pk





Size: Medium

Rcvd: 0-12pk

Need: 4-12pk


Size: Medium

Rcvd: 1-36pk

Need: 2-36pk

Color: White

Rcvd: 2-60pk



Rcvd: 1-200pk



Rcvd: 1-144pk


How to Help?

Fundraiser / Financial Contributions:

Bulk items are expensive, so to complete the bags we need to raise funds to purchase the missing ones. All will be placed in the bags, then donated to the homeless population.


Use smile.amazon.com for your purchases, then please add MIA InnerLight as your chosen charity. 0.5% of your purchases price will be donated to MIA. It is little, but it is something.

Social Media Promotion:

Become an ambassador of our project. Join our Social Media Pages (On the Left), share, comment, and promote it to your friends, and family. Thank you for the help.

Packing Day - Deadline

Sunday, August 14th, 2022

The PACKING DAY is the hands-on part of our work. It will make us feel the love that surrounds this event. Charity is a labor of love. We receive double blessings in proportion to the amount of effort, dedication, and discipline that we put on it. We cannot see these blessings, but they will happen to you.

  • Packing:

    • All products will be on an assembly line to facilitate packing.

    • Different bags for girls & boys.

    • After completion, place it at the completed zone, then restart again.

    • In the end, the whole group will take a picture together.

    • Closing it with a thankful prayer, for the opportunity to help.

  • Distribution:

    • "HIS House" receives donations from Mon-Fri (20000 N.W. 47th Ave, Hector Building No. 2, Miami Gardens, FL 33055). Unfortunately, the law does not allow us meeting the teens, but we were promissed pictures.

Positive Vibrations:

If you cannot donate or help us to pack, help us spreading the good news on social media.

The Spiritist philosophy understands that sending us positive energy and prayers will make this project a success.

The Board of Directors of 'MIA InnerLight' and 'Volunteers of Love' would like to thank each and everyone of you for helping and supporting our projects. JOIN US, becoming a Volunteer of Love!

Many Blessings to all the "Volunteers of Love" that spread the news and support our projects during all these years. Remember, all the good that we do, returns to us in double.

God bless you all. Your friends @ MIA InnerLight Spiritist Society & Volunteers of Love Charity Department.