Loving Unsheltered Bags

Loving Bags for the Unsheltered in Miami & Ft. Myers

This project started in NYC in 2014, then in 2017 Miami-Dade county. Over 2500 brothers/sisters living momentarily on the streets were benefited. For 3 months, funds are raised to purchase all needed items to the unsheltered population. Each donor contributes with money, items, or their time by packing and distributing the bags.

In 2021, due to the Pandemic, our group joined forces with Camillus House (Tony Pedro). We purchased 1200 missing items (Socks & raincoats). Nowadays, the unshelthered population grew due to low employment & high rents. In the Ft. Myers area, a large part of the population lost their homes due to the hurricane, so we will donate 50% of our bags to them.

2022's goal = 500 Loving Bags!

250 - Miami + 250 - Ft. Myers

2020 Loving Bags Video

2019 Loving Bags Video

Donations needed

  • Personal Use

    1. T-Shirt (Used/New)

    2. Underwear (New Only)

    3. Socks (Large Sizes)

  • Personal Hygiene

    1. Toothbrush

    2. Toothpaste

    3. Toilet paper

    4. Razor

    5. Lip balm

  • Loving message

    1. Christmas Card / Pre-Printed Note

  • Munchies

    • Canned food

      1. Sausage / Spam / Pasta self-open

    • Healthy snack

      1. Cereal bar/Dried fruit

    • Salty Snack Pack

      1. Cheese crackers/Ritz crackers

    • Sweet Snack Pack

      1. Chocolate cookies

  • Drink

      1. Juice bottle

  • Loving plastic bag

TOTAL = 15 Items (If we get all items)

What is the cost ($) per bag? Around $25, if items are purchased individually. (Our focus is BULK items). Cost of the project = $25 (each bag) x 500 (bags) = $12,500 to complete it.

How to Help?

Fundraiser / Financial Contributions:

During the projects, we receive many donations that go into the bags. However, sometimes there is the need to raise funds to purchase missing items. The "Loving Bags", plastic ones, need to be purchased yearly, so the project is uniform. The volunteers need to easily identify who had received bags or not.

PayPal Donations:

Any donation helps to achieve our goal. Please help us!

Amazon Wish List:

LINK: https://www.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/ls/1ACIVIKCT1W8F?ref_=wl_share

DELIVERY ADDRESS: 3133 Jackson Ave, Miami, FL 33133

All Items acquired via the above link will allow us to get closer to our goal. These are cheaper in bulk, providing us a tracking system to know what items are still in need.

Social Media Promotion:

Become an ambassador, contributing to this cause. Join our Social Media Pages! Please share the LINKS on the left, comment, and promote it to your friends, and family. You will assist with this important cause. We are all volunteers, and this group focus on charitable work.

There are many projects through out the year, the "Loving Bags for the Unsheltered" is one of them. Check our videos to understand how the bags are packed. We avoid filming our homeless brothers and sisters, because the focus is on the loving work to create these bags. Thanks to all donors and our volunteers that pack & deliver them. We can assure you that they feel the love that is put on it.

Packing & Distribution Schedule

DATE To be determined

Our Deadline is to receive all donations is a week prior to packing day. Distribution day schedule:

  • Sunday: TBD

  • Location: Coconut Grove, Miami

    • 1:00pm - Stations Set Up

    • 2:00pm - Packing of the Bags beggins

    • 3:30pm - Prayer

    • 3:40pm - Group Picture

    • 4:00pm - Distribution (please see guidelines below)

    • 5:30pm - Sundown (Head Home to our families)

Packing & Distribution:

The pandemic 2020-2021 was scaring, finally in 2022 life is returning to normality.

The hands-on part of our work brings the love that surrounds this event. This project requires a lot of effort, dedication, and discipline for many months, but all feel the good vibrations involving it. On the schedule date, volunteer will be Packing &/or Distribution the bags:

  • Packing

    • All donations are set up in a line production, with stations to facilitate a fast packing. Each station offers 1-2 items per bags. The packed bags are placed in the 'completed zone'.

    • In the end, the group does a thanksgiving prayer to remember this big effort, to bless the delivering volunteers & the brothers/sisters temporarily living on the streets.

    • A final group picture with all the bags is taken, then bags are placed in the cars to be delivered.

  • Distribution:

    • By this time, volunteers have been assigned groups and delivery locations. The cars are FULL of bags.

    • We recommend 2-3 people by car, driver should not be alone. If there are 2 people in one car, one should seat in the back to distribute it.

    • Windows should be PARTIALLY open, avoiding too many hands grabbing bags.

Positive Vibrations:

If this year, you were not able to donate, pack or distribute the bags, do not despair, you can still help!

The 'spiritist philosophy' understands that everything is governed by vibrations, so send us positive thoughts, energy, and prayers. It will intervene directly on the outcome of this project!

The Loving bags for the Unsheltered – Project

This is an act of love to bring a smile to people that are temporarily invisible in our society. This simple gift will not change their lives, but it will bring hope, encouragement, and some energy to face difficulties in a more positive way.

Many of the unsheltered brothers/sisters battle depression, mental disorders, job losses, alcoholism, drug addictions and other issues that were intensified by Covid-19 Pandemic. We are not here to judge them, but to offer them our positive vibrations and desire of help.

This project started back in 2014 in NYC. In 2017, after moving from NYC to Miami, the "Volunteers of Love" charity group was created with the goal to help people in need. Our group raises funds for many charitable causes, it also helps other local charities such as soup kitchens, other forms of food distributions, clean ups, performances for the elderly and much more. Please check our videos to fully understand our projects. Help us to spread the love year round!

Remember, together we are stronger, then we can do more for the ones in need.

2021 (600 Socks & Raincoats) 5th Year

Partnership with Camillus House (Tony Pedro)

2020 (405 Bags) 4th Year

2019 (304 Bags) 3rd Year

2018 (220 Bags) 2nd Year

2017 (150 Bags) 1st Year

Our group is constituted only by volunteers, dedicated to do good. We are all go through hard times, but we can always help ones in worse situation. Imagine how difficult it is not knowing where you will sleep at night. Our board of directors, and all the volunteers would like to thank you for your interest in helping us.

JOIN US becoming a Volunteer of Love! Please spread the word.