Loving Unsheltered Bags

Distribution of basic items for the
Unsheltered in Miami

Since 2017, this yearly program brings a smile to 1,679 brothers/sisters living momentarily on the streets of Miami-Dade County. From Sept to Dec, funds are raised to purchase approximately 20 different items to be given in a gift bag to each unsheltered person in pre-determined areas by us around the Camillus House in Downtown Miami. Each Benefactor can choose to contribute with money, items from a select list, or their time by packing the gift bags or distributing them.

Due to the Pandemic in 2021 we decided not to do a full fledged independent program, and join forces with the Camillus House for their collection and picked up 2 items and were able to fulfill the order in just a couple of weeks.

Today there are even more people living on the streets than any other preceding year because being out of work for so long they could not afford the payments on their pace to live.

Our new goal is to be able to produce 500 Loving Bags in 2022!

2020 Loving Bags Video

2019 Loving Bags Video

Receiving Donations DEADLINE

Saturday, Dec 3rd, 2022

  • Personal Use

    1. T-Shirt (Used/New)

    2. Underwear (New Only)

    3. Socks (Large Sizes)

  • Personal Hygiene

    1. Toothbrush

    2. Toothpaste

    3. Dental Floss / Mouth wash

    4. Toilet paper

    5. Hair comb

    6. Mirror

    7. Razor

    8. Lip balm

  • Loving message

    1. Christmas Card / Pre-Printed Note

    2. Pen

    3. Notepad

  • Munchies

    • Canned food

      1. Sausage / Spam / Pasta self-open

    • Fresh or Pre-Packaged Fruits

      1. Banana / Tangerine / Peaches

    • Salty Snack Pack

      1. Cheese crackers / Gold fish / Ritz crackers

    • Sweet Snack Pack

      1. Cookies / Cereal bar / Muffins

    • Drink

      1. Juice bottle

      2. Iced tea

  • Total = 20 Items (If we get all items)

How to Help?

Fundraiser / Financial Contributions:

We receive many physical donations of the products we plan to pack in each bag. However, sometimes we do not get the complete amount needed for the goal and always need to purchase items to complete the bags, as well as purchase some items that are essential but for some reason no one purchased it, we also provide the actual bags for a uniform packing of the items and better visualization on the day of distribution of who and where the bags are being distributed.

Link will be added here by Aug 2022.

Amazon Wish List:

All Items acquired via the above link will allow us to get closer to our goal in fulfilling our 500 Loving Bags for 2022. Ordering via our link provided above and have them delivered directly to the address provided will facilitate immensely the tracking process of the items as they all need to be there by the deadline stated above.

Links will be added here by Aug 2022.

Social Media Promotion:

By becoming an ambassador of our project you can contribute a lot to this cause. Join our Social Media Pages See links on the Left, Share, Comment, and Promote on your page so your friends, and family can see what we do and assist with this important cause.

We are all volunteers in a group that focus on the charity work provided by the "Loving Bags to the Unsheltered Project" our videos contain mostly our work while producing the bags and we strongly avoid filming our homeless friends as the focus is on the loving work put on creation of these bags and the effort our brave volunteers do to deliver them. But be sure that they do get delivered to the correct people in need.

Packing and Distribution Day

Sunday, Dec 11th, 2022

Our Deadline is to receive all items donated by Saturday, December 3rd, so we can have a final count, and everything organized by Sunday, December 5th, in case we need to purchase any missing items. And be ready for our gathering for packing the bags and distribution on Sunday, Dec 11th, 2022.

Distribution day schedule:

  • Sunday Dec 11th, 2022

  • Location: TBD

    • 1:00pm Stations Set Up

    • 2:00pm Packing of the Bags beggins

    • 3:30pm Prayer

    • 3:40pm Group Picture

    • 4:00pm Distribution (please see guidelines below)

    • 5:30pm (Sundown – Head Home to our families)

What do we place in each bag?

We have not yet determined what gender we will be focusing in but we aim to have at least 13 items in each bag, these are sample items:

How much does it cost to produce these bags if all donations were done in cash?

Each bag with all the goodies costs around $25 per bag, based on 2019.

We still need to price the items out for this year which will be done in September, but...

Considering $25 (complete bag) x 500 (bags) = $ 12,500 on average to complete the project in 2022.

Packing & Distribution:

What a relief, 2020, pandemic, 2021 we were all scared, and now finally in 2022 we will all see each other again and be able to work together again.

The hands-on part of our work is when we all gather, and we can really feel the love that surrounds this event. Through this work we all receive blessings double in proportion to the amount of love, effort, dedication, and discipline that each of us put in it making this happen, even if we can't really see it objectively, believe us it does.

On the Packing and distribution date above we will be doing 2 activities and we must all chose them prior to the date:

  • Packing

    • We bring out all of the boxes and organize them in a way that we can pack them in line.

    • Than we start packing each bag with one of the items on each area.

    • Bring the packed bags to the completed zone and go again until all 500 bags have been packed.

    • Than we get together as a group and take a picture to remember this day buy, and do a great prayer thanking for this opportunity and asking for protection as the volunteers are ready to head out and distribute the actual bags.

  • Distribution:

    • By this time we have been already assigned groups and locations and each group will gather their portion of the bags and go in their own vehicle to distribute these bags. No volunteer is allowed to go alone in the car, actually the recommended and most efficient count is 3 people - Driver - and distributors on the front passenger and back seat will distribute using the passenger side of the vehicle (keep in mind the volunteer in the back seat should also be replenishing the volunteer in the front seat as he is the one that has access to the trunk and extra space in the car). Each car leaves our packing facility packed to the max.

Positive Vibrations:

If you cannot make it to packing and distribution or this year you cannot donate on the fundraiser or both.

Do not despair, you can still help us a lot!

Out doctrine believes that everything in the universe is done by the power of vibrations, by sending us positive thoughts, positive energy, and prayers. All of these actions help the psychosphere and intervene directly on the outcome of this project!

The Loving bags for the Unsheltered – Project

"Loving Bags for the Unsheltered" is a pure act of love, where we want to help bring a smile to people that are temporarily invisible in our society today.

We understand that this simple gift will not change their lives, but it will give them hope, encouragement, and contribute with a small sense of dignity that just may needed to fuel their energy in order for them to accomplish something that may change their lives for the better.

Many of the people affected by a unsheltered life situation can confirm that one of their greatest battles is depression. And they are not allowed to feel due to their circumstance and they need to overcome it in order to make the change. In 2020 and 2021 Covid-19 Pandemic and downtime made this situation much worse than previous years.

This project started back in 2014 in NYC, and it is still in action today in NYC assisting many of the underprivileged areas of the city and surrounding areas.

In 2017, after moving from NYC to Miami, the "Volunteers of Love" charity group was created with the goal to help people in need. This small group helps to raise funds for many charitable causes and are also involved in many local charities such as soup kitchens, and other forms of food distributions, clean ups, performances for the elderly and much more, take a look at all the volunteer work we do and you can spread the love year round with us.

In these past few years, we have been able to help many different individuals in despair, but the lonely elderly in nursing homes and our homeless brothers & sisters have touch us deeply and although it is hard work we want to keep this part of our charity and volunteer work a priority.

2021 (600 Socks and Raincoats) 5th Year

Partnership with Camillus House

2020 (405 Bags) 4th Year

2019 (304 Bags) 3rd Year

2018 (220 Bags) 2nd Year

2017 (150 Bags) 1st Year

Please spread the word of this great group that is dedicated to activities for Good.

We are all going through hard times, however some of us are in a much worse situation, not having a secure roof over our head to sleep at night it is a disturbing feeling that none of us would even entertain thinking about it.

The Board of directors of Mia Innerlight, all the Volunteers of Love, and all the receivers of our efforts would like to take a minute to thank you just for taking the time to get to know our projects, and if you like what you see come and JOIN US becoming a Volunteer of Love!

Many Blessings to all known & unknown "Volunteers of Love" around the Globe that spread the news and support this program for all the years that it has existed and many more to come. Remember, all the good things we do return to us in double blessings.

Thank you, a thousand times.

Your friends @ Mia InnerLight Spiritist Society and Volunteers of Love Charity Department.