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'MIA InnerLight' is a group that studies Spirituality, and how it can help our lives, improving our peace of mind and our relationships in general. We study The Spiritist Philosophy, codified by the French Professor Allan Kardec. There are many books that help us with the teachings. In simple words, The Spiritist philosophy postulates that humans, along with all other living beings, are essentially immortal spirits that temporarily inhabit physical bodies for several necessary incarnations to attain moral and intellectual improvement.

"MIA InnerLight" was an online study group since August 2017. In April 13th, 2020 (Covid19 time) it became a nonprofit, then in September 7th, 2021 it became a 501c3.

The five fundamental principles are: 1. Existence of God; 2. Immortality of the soul; 3. Plurality of incarnations; 4. Plurality of inhabited worlds; 5. Communicability of Spirits.

Our study groups are coordinated by experienced volunteers, following the orientation of the moral principle found in the Gospel: “Give for free what you receive for free.” There is no clergy or rituals, it does not impose its principles. It invites those interested in knowing it better to reflect, test and investigate its teachings, before accepting them. Spiritism respects all religions and philosophies. We understand that God is our creator, but men name is in differently. There is life in other planets besides Earth, even if it was not proved yet. Each reincarnation helps us to improve in intellect or in a moral way. The communicability with spirits prove that life is eternal, just the physical body dies.

Our group studies are informal, friendly conversations where we reflect on the afterlife, spiritual beings, healing, dealing with hatred, reincarnation, overcoming depression, science, prayer, faith, karma, deja vu, and much more.

Some of our practices are prayer, meditation, energy healing, positive affirmations, scientific researches and enlightening philosophical debates.

During our study groups, we try to answer questions such as:

  • Are there Angels and Demons?

  • What is mediumship? Is it all fraud?

  • Why are there incurable diseases & premature deaths?

  • What happens after the death of our physical bodies?

  • What is deja vu? Is reincarnation real?


All Activities and Studies are in ENGLISH & FREE!

Spiritist Summary

This is a 5 min video that explains how Spiritism started, where, why and how it helps us to improve ourselves and those around us

Irradiation Healing

"FREE Healing Sessions are offered by Spiritist Centers. Based in good faith, prayers and positive energies."

Genesis - Miracles and Predictions
Chapter XIV, Allan Kardec

Spiritism in America

The beautiful teachings of Spiritism makes us wish to be a better person, improving our sense of forgiveness, humbleness, and the practice of charity accelerates the process.