Loving Performance

Loving Performance

This is our Yearly program, where volunteers donate their artistic talent to bring smiles to our elderly friends living in nursing homes.

We sing, dance, and perform fun and interactive plays for them to enjoy during this special time of the year.

Music and laughter heal the soul.

By visiting our elderly friends in their nursing homes, we get to practice compassion, charity, learn to deal with oppressed feelings. Extending this love we can feel it by the end of each visit pouring over us in blessings and feeling of accomplishments.

How does it work

We normally host this event in late December (normally just after the Loving Bags event finishes).

This event involves a presentation of a play (that gets rehearsed over zoom with our volunteers as the actors), it can also bring other variety acts such as a dance presentation, a music presentation and much laughter and enjoyment in a nursing home in North Miami.

Volunteers are needed to be:

  • Actors on the play

  • Performers on an act for the variety show (Dance, Sing, Comedian, etc)

  • Ushers on the day of the presentation

  • We also bring on to help us our sister group called "Caravan of Love Miami"