Fraternal Counseling

by appointment only

MIA InnerLight offers fraternal counseling for those who are feeling imbalanced due to physical, psychological, or spiritual challenges. The Fraternal Counseling volunteers will listen and enlighten you according to the Spiritist teachings.

*Disclaimer* This service is FREE of charge. This service is NOT meant to replace any medical treatment prescribed or recommended by your healthcare provider or even the assistance of a professional in the psychological area.

Tuesdays, 8:30-9:30 pm 

Irradiation Healing


Note: More water can be added, once added, recipient should pray for the Good Spirits to assist in receiving more vibration fluids to continue the healing process.

Absence:  The recipient should be present for the 5 consecutive weeks, however, as we know how busy we are we will allow ONLY ONE miss.  If a second meeting is missed, the healing sessions will reset from the beginning for the full effect.

Faith is crucial! May God bless you.

God has many different names and forms.

Private Group

Irradiation/Prayer Circle

Members only - This group is a prayer group that through study, dedication and discipline prays together for healing recipients who commit to the 4 weeks of Spiritual Healing. The healing energy, through prayer will travel and assist individuals who are momentarily sick physically, spiritually, emotionally, or have passed away. These Healing Sessions are done at a distance, so the recipient's are at home, in a hospital, traveling, etc.  However, the recipients must follow the proposed guidelines. This Spiritual Healing requires a commitment of FOUR consecutive weeks, and certain rules apply.

*Recipients - According to the Spiritist Doctrine we request that any recipient of our healing sessions to continue following all medical and doctors orders, as well as medications subscribed by a licensed physician as they are responsible to treat the physical body. This treatment seeks to heal the eternal Spirit, the combined results CAN be extremely positive.  When prayer acts upon the ill the results of any treatment can be amplified.