Gabriel Delanne's Books


Few researchers have shown as much insight as Gabriel Delanne when dealing thoroughly with such delicate matters. Full of surprises, REINCARNATION moves in kaleidoscopic succession from child prodigies to people from all walks of life. It also delves into the ancient past of humankind and examines some fascinating cases of memory regression, while seeking for evidence of successive lives and the existence of a spiritual body, a double called the perispirit, in each and every intelligent being. This notable writer, who personally knew and admired Allan Kardec since childhood, being himself a luminary of all things concerning Spiritist science, goes a long way to prove it. For the first time in English, here is another top-notch addition to USSF’s brand new, extensively researched and meticulously translated classics.

Leon Denis' Books


This amazing work, first published in 1909, is divided into five parts. The first is a discussion of ancient beliefs and the unifying truths that are found in all of them. The second concentrates on the basic concepts of spiritism such as the immortality of the soul, the purpose of life, reincarnation, God, and death. The third section explores deeper spiritist concepts such as fluids and magnetism, spiritual phenomena, nature and science, evolution of the spirit, dangers of Spiritism, and charlatanism. The fourth part discusses related topics to the spiritual world such as errant souls, higher life, inferior spirits, providence, free will, and hell. The last section discusses ethical topics such as moral life, faith, consolation, wealth, poverty, and charity.

After Death is one of the most important books of classic Spiritist literature. In his poetic prose, a style that we find in his other books, Léon Denis presents a scientific and rational solution regarding the problems of life and death, and of the nature and destiny of the human ego in its successive lives. This book is an able and luminous account of the phenomena and doctrines included under the term “Spiritualism,” their relation to modern science and their influence on conduct. It is therefore not surprising that After Death has been translated into several languages and that it continues to elate people all over the world.


For the first time in English, this legendary book tells it all about the spirit world and its manifestations. From Europe to the UK, and all over the US, not forgetting places as unusual as Brazil, and from the distant past of humanity, INTO THE UNSEEN does justice to them all, while revealing Léon Denis’s very personal take on Spiritism and New Spiritualism in general. A fascinating narrative backed by a plethora of extraordinary cases thoroughly researched by the author.


Perhaps the most intimate and metaphysical of Léon Denis’s many books, THE BIG ENIGMA often reaches the sublime in unforgettable passages that definitely do not seem to come from this world. Deeply moving and quite formidable thoughts succeed one another in endless continuity, leaving the reader in awe before the author’s complete certainty and conviction. There is a ring of sterling truth in all these philosophical and spiritual teachings from a brilliant thinker who has matured over the years during his long and difficult life. This is an inspired book that can nurture one’s mind and soul with genuine greatness and knowledge – and a life changer to many readers. Denis pays tribute to his Celtic and Gallic ancestors, letting his text flow with abandon, and showing that perhaps the biggest enigma of all was himself, as a thinker and writer, in the light of Spiritism.


Considered by many to be his greatest book Focusing on Reincarnation, Successive Lives and Regression of Memory, among other equally intriguing subjects in the field, The Problem of Life & Destiny is almost encyclopedic in its scope, providing hundreds of examples and experiments from all over the world. Every topic is dealt at great length bearing in mind scientific standards of validity and reliability, every page a revelation. For many, this book represents the author’s thought at its zenith, the fruit of half a century’s experience and study of psychical phenomena and mediumship. For that reason, Léon Denis is justly considered the most distinguished continuator of Spiritism since Allan Kardec, with a number of books now freshly translated into English by the USSF.


This book is a must-read. When Léon Denis decided to write a general study about the Arts, with emphasis on music, who would have thought he could contact two preeminent artists now living in the spiritual world? The resulting lessons provide an invaluable insight on how music is composed and executed in the afterlife spheres. Not only that, but also how architecture, painting, sculpture and literature on Earth reflect their spiritual counterparts, making for a truly unique and informative book that captures the reader’s attention right from the start. It culminates in a series of enormously revealing statements by the spirit of French composer Jules Massenet. Never before, or since, has this subject been so thoroughly investigated as here, another prized volume in the USSF Léon Denis collection.